The most important Decision of your Massage Business Career

출장마사지Right find that there are so many decisions you need to make every day the direction of your massage practice. Especially if you are a solo-preneur or own your own massage business.

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As a business owner myself I know at times it can seem overwhelming, wearing all the hats of massage hypnotherapist, marketer, merchant, office owner… and the list goes on.

Yet there is one key decision that will chart the length of your business and will ultimately determine your level of success long term. This decision will also increase your likelihood of staying the course till you have your 출장마사지 ideal massage practice.

Can you think what that might be?

Well, let me ask you…

Are you trying to build a massage practice? Are you hoping to get more clients? Are you feeling it out to see how it goes? Or have you committed to building the business of your dreams… no matter what!

Many experienced counselors can’t wait to finish massage school, find the ideal location for their practice, and jump right within researching ways to fill their schedule book with clients. But when things don’t work out quite as efficiently as they expected, they get frustrated and give up all too easily… because they never stopped to make that all important decision that they were absolutely committed to developing a successful massage business.

This decision is a turning point. It announces to the world that not doing well is no longer an option. This decision will invigorate you to take action, even when things get rough.

My hubby Francis is also a massage practitioner (jointly we have over 30 years in the profession). Early on in his career he traveled with motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins, as his personal massage hypnotherapist. One of the things that A2z tony used to say was, “To get new results you must take new actions, and all actions are fathered by a decision. inch

So, what fundamental decision have you committed to relating to your massage practice? And is it a determination that drives you to take action? Can you write it down somewhere you will see on a daily basis?

OK, so you get your decision… but do you believe it? Do you have the confidence in yourself to carry it through? In his classic book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Mountain said that if you can conceive of something and believe you can do it, then you can! And the more you think in yourself a lot more likely you are to achieve your goals and manifest your dreams.

So what are your beliefs about:

Your skills as a massage hypnotherapist?

Your capacity to attract your ideal clients?

Your capacity to build and sustain a successful massage practice?

Your capacity to create prosperity and abundance (and maybe even complete financial freedom) in your life?
Because unless you believe you can do it, you won’t take the sustained action necessary to build a flourishing business. And that has to be a terrible shame because you have unique gifts to share with you in a manner that nobody else can, and there are people for you to work with that no one else can help in quite the same way as you.

So, if your “belief muscles” are a little atrophied, how do you build them up? Here are some steps:

Write a list of all why you will reach your goals in your business and read it every day and each night.
Create a succinct “belief statement” or affirmation and post it where you will see it often.
Listen to and read about how others have prevailed.
Once you have made your committed decision just get in action and then make course corrections as you go. It is always safer to make adjustments when you are in motion, whereas procrastination will get you no place. And remember, obtaining it action reduces fear and doubt.
Try a coach or mentor to hold you on track.
So let’s face it, as you grow your business there will be occasions when you will feel challenged, when you have to move outside your safe place, when you make mistakes, and when you doubt yourself and your abilities. This happens to people! And you can either let these things weaken your confidence and sabotage your success, or use them to strengthen your decision to build the business of your dreams… no matter what!

A Local American parent once described their own inner chaos like this:
“It feels like there are two dogs inside of me. One of the dogs is always afraid, anxious and filled with doubt. The other dog is playful and confident. The worried dog battles the pleased dog all the time. inch When asked by his friend which dog wins, he thought about it for a moment and replied, “The one I feed the most. inch

So which dog do you feed? This is uncertain and full of fear, or the dog that is pleased and successful? The option is yours alone to make. But don’t make it lightly. Because the answer will greatly influence the success not only of your massage business, but of your entire life.

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