Make Quick Gold by Selling World of Warcraft’s White Kitten Pet

With the introduction of the achievement system, and the achievements related to the amount of non-combat pets a player owns, the interest for such pets increased rapidly on all realms. People had bought some pets before, but now they want to earn the achievement as well – driving them to buy every pet they can get their hands on F4 savannah kittens for sale . However, not all pets are readily available, so the players must check the right vendor at the right time in order to buy such pets. One such pet for the Alliance is the White Kitten, sold by Lil Timmy an alliance NPC on the streets of Stormwind.

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White Kitten is one of the rarer pets you can buy. It is also sold only to Alliance players, so if you are playing a Horde character you should ask a friend playing Alliance to try and buy it for you and then transfer it over via one of the neutral Auction Houses located in Booty Bay, Tanaris and Winterspring. Alternatively, check these Auction Houses and see if an alliance player posted one for auction.
Here is how you can buy this pet. The tricky part is that Lil Timmy has a limited supply of the White Kitten pet – he has one for sale, then once someone buy it, you will need to wait approximately 3 hours before he has another one. If you are lucky to buy White Kitten from Lil Timmy, you can make a very good profit reselling it, as the vendor price is just 60 silver, while the Auction House can be anything from 100 to 200 gold.

Really nice, isn’t it? In order to buy this pet, you will need to regularly log on and check Lil Timmy. It is perhaps best if you leave one of your characters in Stormwind and log on from time to time to look for Timmy and check if he has the pet available for sale. Timmy has a fixed path starting from The Cathedral then going around the Canals district, so if you place a toon right outside the Cathedral in Stormwind, you will have a really high chance of finding Timmy easily.

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