Free-For-All Tips for Black Ops 2 – Weapons

Before I begin, if you find yourself in the lower end of the scoreboard please use combat training until you have successfully grasped the skills needed to handle your weapon of choice. Use combat training to get accustomed to your sensitivity and your surroundings.

It is very important to try out all the types of weapons to see which gun you prefer to use and to become a specialist with that weapon. Once you decide which weapon suits your play style begin to create a few classes with that weapon with a few different perks and/or attatchments so you can change at any time to suit the current game. If there are players using UAV constantly, and always locating you create a class with ghost and a silencer. If you find that players are using lots of grenades or other explosives change to a class with flak jacket to reduce the explosive damage taken. If the enemy is using sentry guns and guardians switch to a class with a EMP grenade to disable enemy equipment. Everybody plays differently so once in a game it is important to adapt to other players and to close them down quickly before they run up a big score streak.

Sub-Machine Guns are heavily used in Free-For-all because of there light weight compared to other guns. It is easier to win a game with a PDW-50 than it is with a DSR50.

Using a Sub-Machine gun with Lightweight (perk 1) and Extreme Conditioning (perk 3) will give you the ability to rush your enemy and catch them off guard. Say 7.62×39 bulk ammo 2 players of equal skill confronted each other one with a sub machine gun and the other with a sniper, the player with the sub machine gun will win the 1v1 8 times out of 10.

In free-for-all it is a good idea to get the most out of your gun by having 3 attachments. A lot of people have a pistol as 2nd weapon. I believe it is a waste of a free slot. Realistically if you are reloading at the right times you shouldn’t ever find yourself engaged in combat with an empty clip. If you do, take cover and hope that the enemies stray bullets don’t hit you while reloading. Any chance you are near cover and your clip is even a few bullets short take the time to reload because you never know, those few bullets could save your life.

If need to shoot while in the middle of reloading just click sprint in any direction and it will cancel the reload. Remember to sprint in a direction then quickly strafe to another position to cancel the sprint so you can start shooting at the enemy.

You should always be running around with a full clip, if you find you don’t have enough ammo try using extended clip on the PDW-50 sub machine gun. It will give you 67 bullets and if you find yourself empty all the time with that gun, you need to get better accuracy. With 67 bullets you should easily be able to kill between 3-6 players without reloading.

Accuracy is very important, it is the difference between life and death. Someone with more experience than you will usually have better accuracy and the best way about going to defeat them is to catch them off guard. If you know their general where abouts enter from an uncommon entry like a window to surprise them.

Choose your shots wisely. A panic shot will give away your position and often get you killed. The best strategy would be to only shoot if your sure that you will kill them. If you see them running away from you around a Corner don’t shoot until they are in your sight and you know you can kill them.

I mention sub machine guns a lot throughout this article. Only because I have been playing call of duty online for nearly 8 years, trialled most of the guns and have found that sub-machine guns are the most efficient when it comes to free-for-all because of their easy maneuverability. Which is vital for free-for-all when you have another 7 players constantly aiming to take you out. Although if you find you are winning each game with a sniper or any other gun type for that matter, do not get discouraged. Continue specializing in your weapon of choice and increase your skills with it.

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