Finding the Beauty of Ireland in Porcelain Dolls

Irish porcelain dolls are exquisitely hand crafted by the finest artists in Ireland. The dolls come in a wide variety of hairstyles and colors, costuming, and ages. Everything from the young child with wonderful red pony tails to the infant ready for a long night’s sleep, to the adult woman preparing for a day of work are readily available. Some of these hand crafted porcelain dolls also represent characters in Irish folklore.

Aoife, from Gaelic meaning beauty, was an Irish warrior princess engaged in a war with her sister, Scathach. The hero Cuchulainn took down Aoife in one swipe. According to legend, Aoife later reunited with her sister and became the love of Cuchulainn ラブドール . The warrior princess of Irish folklore, Aoife, is represented beautifully in a hand crafted Irish porcelain doll. Her childlike innocence is deceptively apparent and is betrayed only by the gleam of mischief in her eyes.

Irish porcelain dolls have a wide variety of hairstyles and colors. Long, short, curly, wavy, red, dark brown, or light brown, each doll has a unique look. While most Irish porcelain dolls have red hair, like Aoife’s adorable red wavy ponytails, others have many other hair colors and styles. Some have dark brown ringlet curls cascading down their backs, others have red braids hanging playfully over the shoulders, or light brown wavy hair left to tumble in the wind. Other dolls even sport short hairstyles with a hat or hood for warmth and comfort. No matter what the individual look, each doll is carefully styled to ensure not only her comfort, but also her beauty.

Each Irish porcelain doll is dressed and accessorized with details unique to her. The variety offered in costuming offers the collector a unique opportunity to add the perfect doll the their collection. The hand crafted Irish porcelain doll Aoife is dressed in a white knit sweater, a detailed green skirt, and black leggings trimmed with lace. She looks like she could stay warm in the coolest of winters. Her carefully polished black boots shine in the winter sun beckoning for a playmate. Each carefully hand crafted Irish porcelain doll is dressed in a detailed costume representing one aspect of life in Ireland.

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