Considering an Online MBA? Find Your Best Fit!

Many schools have online MBA programs. There are many popular schools have taken the lead with online education, such as University of Phoenix or Kaplan University MBA . Online programs are also popping up at more traditional schools, such as Babson College and Northeastern University.

An MBA is a Master’s of Business Administration. Since it is a Master’s degree, you do need a Bachelor’s degree to get one. Some schools will allow you to get a master’s without a bachelors, but you might have to do some extra work. The MBA is prestigious, whether you choose to get it online or in person.

There are a lot of options, so how do you pick one? I used to run a top 50 MBA program and have a little information that may help you. I know a little bit of insider information and have a good idea about how students think.

The best MBA program out there is the one that fits you best. Make sure you look around, your office mate’s MBA program might not be a good fit. Every school’s admissions criteria is different. Acceptance rates vary for MBA programs.

When looking at the best online MBA program for you, consider what you want to do with your career. Not all MBA programs have concentrations, but if you want focus, that will be something to look for.

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