Comparison: YotaPhone VS Vivo V21 Pro Technology

It is extremely easy to buy Vivo phones in any part of the world today. The Vivo brand has a wide range of phones ranging from simple entry level phones to high end phones. The brand is also famous for manufacturing innovative phones that are very affordable yet extremely powerful. Vivo has a proven track record of designing phones that are both stylish and extremely reliable. The Vivo brand is extremely popular in China and it is expected that this brand will soon take over the iPhone brand in terms of popularity in China.

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If we take a look at the specifications of both the phones, they are almost similar Vivo V21 Pro . Both phones are manufactured by the same manufacturing company – Sony Ericsson. However, there are differences between the two devices. The Vivo V21 Pro comes with an OS version of Android 6.0 while the YotaPhone comes with an OS version of Android 5.1.

In terms of camera, the two smartphones have similar specification sheet. The only major difference between the two is the camera lens. The Vivo has a 16 mega-pixels camera lens while the YotaPhone has a 12 mega pixel lens. The biggest difference between the two cameras is the camera lens. The Vivo has a single lens camera whereas the YotaPhone uses dual lens camera.

With respect to connectivity, both the smartphones support the WiFi network on the sims. It is observed that the YotaPhone has a unique connectivity option where it can be used on an international SIM card while the Vivo has only the oneGSMG card. The connectivity options allow users in different parts of the country to stay connected and exchange information even when they are abroad. It is observed that the YotaPhone helps to stay in touch with their family even when they are traveling to different countries.

When comparing the two smartphones, it is observed that the VOIP enabled mobile phones of the YotaPhone help to access the internet on a faster speed than the VOIP enabled ones of the Vivo V21 Pro. This is supported by the quad core 1.4 GHz processor. The connectivity options of the two smartphones are similar and most of the apps that are available in the store are already preinstalled in the devices. Most of the famous networking services are preinstalled on both the phones such as Skype, BES and Google Maps. The two smartphones support the android live wallpaper and the android theme packs which further enhance the user experience. The multimedia support in the firmware helps to watch videos, movies and music on the go.

Both the smartphones are comparatively expensive. The VOIP phones are relatively cheaper than the HTC Evo Shift or the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc. The comparison between the two handsets does not end here. The vivo v 21 pro has a lot of features while the YotaPhone has none. Therefore, people who have recently bought these two handsets can look forward to a great shopping experience in India.

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