Why Blogging Isn’t for Everyone

It’s very easy to start a blog or a website. Blogs have become the new nickname for the word opinion. They are easily formed and everybody has one. However, it’s another story to actually like blogging and become successful at it. The path to success with blogging is a very challenging one but nothing is more rewarding than being able to write about the things you love to do and have lots of people around the world read it. I am a firm believer that passion is what drives a person to be more than just good at what they do, but thrive successfully. Far too often many people believe that they can start a blog today, be controversial, go viral and then quit their day jobs tomorrow. Blogging shouldn’t be looked at as a business especially since it’s an entity that is based around written experiences, observations, and opinions. It’s wrong to look at blogging as a solution to your financial problems. Not only is this the wrong kind of attitude to have, it is also not the right path for everybody. I cannot tell you the number of people who have contacted me asking for assistance in designing or setting up their blogs and websites, only for me to check in on them six months later and see that their blogs are sitting empty and idle. To be successful at blogging you should first possess a genuine passion for writing. One of the most common mistakes that bloggers make is pretending to be something that they are not. They go above and beyond to quickly research specific topics and then give themselves a crash course on a niche so that they can fool their readers into believing that they have knowledge or expertise in a particular field. They not only pretend to like it, but they also pretend to care about consumers and readers who genuinely do. There are other people who blog because they see there are thousands of other people out there blogging about something. So, they feel that they should be blogging about something, too. There is nothing wrong with doing either of those things; however, it’s important to understand that by using these two methods as your biggest motivators, you increase the chances for your blog to fail. The idea that blogging is the best solution for everyone is a myth. Period.

People log onto the internet to seek information, old and new. They seek solutions to their problems and they seek news and information that they can trust in and value postonmagazine.com . Your blog site should be one that your readers should feel can be relied upon. Your content and the personality behind the blog (you) says everything. Believe it or not, readers can sense uncertainty and if you really have a clue of what you’re talking about. They can tell if you actually believe in what you’re saying and if the info being provided is correct. It will always read within the context of your content. Not to mention the fact, that any misinformation can easily be researched and debunked. This is why many blogs are much more successful than others.

As a blogger, it is important to understand that you must believe in the information and content you write about. It’s even more important to love what you do and connect with your readers. This is what keeps your audience coming back to read more. This is what brands your name and makes your blog a successful one. I don’t want to name anyone outright, but there are a lot of blogs out there that are strictly about business, how to be successful by blogging, writing, be a YouTube star and etc. Some bloggers offer really good advice and some of it is even very well-written. But, I think the danger is that some of these bloggers encourage people to go too far. You can always tell when they are using a sales tactic approach with some unsuspecting reader who is looking for a quick way to make money. No single creative success can be sustained without one possessing a sincere passion for what it is you do. That’s why you shouldn’t create blogs solely for profit or praise. After a while, writing will start to feel like a chore and you will lose interest. If you can’t imagine you will be head over heels in love with your blog five years from now-don’t bother. You simply cannot achieve and sustain success by faking an interest in something you are not genuinely passionate about no matter how you try to force it. If you want to be a writer, there has to be something more than fame that you seek from it. To imply that blogging is something that’s easy to do or something to make you famous is just simply untrue. Fame is fleeting and often doesn’t last very long. The truth is, you need a specific type of personality and you need to withstand a certain amount of risks. It’s not one of those things that everyone should do – not even close. The majority of the population is actually better off at sharing their expertise, work ethic and knowledge with the world through their chosen occupation and careers.

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