How To Discuss Drugs With Kids

In the same way we take our kids to the doctor for ‘shots’ against harmful diseases, we can help “immunize” them against drug use by giving them the information before they ever meet the substance. When kids are uncomfortable talking to us (the parent), they will likely seek answers elsewhere, and many times the sources where they find answers are not reliable.

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Don’t feel anxious at the thought of this idea. I know this sounds far too young for many of us to discuss drugs with our kids. The fact is, you’ve probably already laid the groundwork for a discussion. For instance, when giving your child over-the-counter medication or an antibiotic, you have the opportunity to discuss the benefits and correct use of those drugs. This expresses how to use drugs in a responsible way. This is a time when your child is like a ‘sponge’ and listens to everything you say attentively and learns from your guidance. Legal Steroids Europe

Also, take advantage of ‘teachable moments.” For example, you see a billboard or a commercial on TV about drinking, using drugs or smoking. Now what? Go ahead and tell your child in a simple way about whatever drug it is and what it can do to a persons body. Kids like to hear things in this way at this age. Why not make it sound as ‘gross’ or ‘yuckky’ as possible? Paint a vivid picture in their minds about the ugly effects these chemicals can have. This can lead into a deeper discussion about other drugs and how they can cause potential harm if used improperly.

At this age, our kids likely know other kids who use or abuse any number of different drugs, including alcohol. They also have friends or acquaintances who are driving. It is so important to talk about the dangers of driving under the influence. Talk about the legal consequences (jail, fines, etc…) but also about the fact that someone could get killed.

Set up a written or unwritten contract on the conditions of using the car (if applicable) to call you if needed. Make the promise to always be available to pick up your child at any time if they call and ask for a ride. If the person who drove is under the influence and your child calls you, they are showing great responsibility and leadership. Be there for them. The contract can also detail other situations: If anyone in the car your child is driving uses drugs or alcohol (even though your child is not), you will suspend driving privileges for 6 months, etc…As long as you set clear boundaries beforehand, the kids will be clear about your expectations. The key here is to follow through with the consequences.


NO PARENT, CHILD, OR FAMILY IS IMMUNE TO THE EFFECTS OF DRUGS. Some of the best kids end up in trouble even with the correct guidance from their parents. However, certain groups of kids are more likely to use drugs than others. If your kids have friends who use, they are more likely to try drugs themselves. If your kid is feeling socially isolated, they may turn to drugs. Pay attention and get involved!! Recognize when your child is struggling. Listen to them when they talk. Provide the needed support or seek help when needed.

A warm and loving family, where kids are encouraged to talk out their feeling, where achievements are praised and where their self-esteem is bolstered will encourage them to come forward with their questions and worries. If we don’t provide this environment for them, they go elsewhere for their answers.

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