The Best Compressors in the Box

TFT or Total Audio Technology is the name of three high-tech headphones produced by Telemoney that are sure to please audiophiles and fans alike. The three headphones are the JXDHT, the TFT Pantech and the TFT Plimus. What sets these headphones apart is their technological sophistication. Each model in the three categories has its own unique feature set that is sure to please any listener. It is also worth noting that each model is compatible with most other types of media players as well as digital music players.

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The TFT Best Comps has the same composition as their sister units. Their earphones come with two microphones on the earbud’s cushions. One microphone will serve the purpose of an accurate reproduction of your vocal chords and the other recording will do the job of a mid-range and low-frequency filter. The filtering unit can be activated by either turning on the volume knob or simply pulling down the slider located on the control knobs TFT Best Comps .

Telemoney TFT Compressor, the latest addition to their TFT series, comes with a single microphone as well as its touch pad controller. It has two modes, which are the classic compressor mode which is perfect for everyday listening; and the s-tier composition mode which is more suitable if you want to create your very own compositions. When this particular model is put to use, it creates a deep and rich sounding music composition that is sure to impress. To top it all, the built-in virtual rack of samples is also included in this particular model.

The TFT Best Compsonic Acoustic Guitar is also compatible with almost all portable music players including iPods and even PDAs. It has an extremely wide range of frequencies to choose from. The onboard tuner is also perfectly capable of playing in different tunings. When using this, you can be assured that you will never run out of great tunes to play. And to cap it all, it comes with its own virtual rack wherein you can store thousands of recordings.

Everland II TFT Best Compressor by famed electronic musician, Blademasters, is another popular electronic device that comes with the feature. Like its sibling the TFT Zenith Compressor, this one too offers its user with an extensive collection of sounds. Its true power however lies in the way it interacts with you. This unit allows you to use it regardless of whether you are sitting in front of your PC or playing it straight from your CD player. With its unique voice activation feature, it becomes much easier for you to control what you want to achieve. Also, it comes with its own virtual rack of over 500 sounds.

Bullydog TFT Best Comps by renowned electronic artist, Dave Crouse, also offers its users with a huge pack of sounds. Among its pack are rock, rap, reggae, metalcore, and even classic sounds that have been faithful to the original versions. If you want to mix up the kind of music that you are listening to, then Bullydog is perfect for you. It has two modes which are Blasonaunt and Battle Mode. In Blasonaunt mode, it will allow you to create a gritty and raw beat that is reminiscent of how street rappers perform. In Battle Mode however, it gives you a chance to show off your skills as a battle maniac with its high quality of sound effects and s-tier pads.

Fizz TFT Best Compressor by acclaimed musician and band leader, Fruity Loops, also comes with an impressive list of sound effects. With it, you will be able to recreate certain elements found in hip hop, dance, techno, pop, and even heavy metal genres. The Fizz TFT also comes with a drum pad that allows you to get the right beat where you need it most. The drum pad is customizable to provide you with what you need as far as the intensity of the beat is concerned. There are also special midi assignments for different type of instruments in this electronic kit.

Cybernetics The Cybernetics TFT is another product from renowned Chinese cybernetics producer Yang Lin. This cybernetics compressor is a high quality device that will surely amaze your friends as it cranks out high quality sounds that are sure to impress. With a multitude of features, this compressor can cater all your cybernetics needs. It is even equipped with a special level nine crash mode that allows you to crush all those malignant viruses inside your computer system.

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