Why Are Designer Shirts So Expensive?

Modern day designer shirts for men with their incredible creativity and expertise have taken dress shirts to a whole new level of style. Dress shirts are no longer something that’s just worn for work or so. Modern untucked designer shirts are ideal for every occasion (office wear, dinners, hangouts, concerts etc). It offers the best of both worlds. Its overall shape and design gives a formal look, while its untucked feature exhibits a casual style. However, if you’re not a fan of hanging your shirt outside, fret not; these are designed to be worn “tucked in” as well. In short, they are multi-purpose!

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That being said, designer brand dress shirts are way more expensive than the ordinary ones Comme des Garçons Play . Even the cheapest ones will cost you well over $150. For example, Robert Graham’s dress shirt collection begins from a staggering $168. So you can imagine its worth.

So the question that comes to mind is: Why do designer brand dress shirts cost a fortune? There are a number of reasons that makes these dress shirts so expensive and something to behold such as:

Size Pattern
First and foremost, designer brand dress shirts have been designed specifically to fit the exact measurement pattern. It’s not one of those off-the-racks shirts that are designed to fit multiple sizes (although not perfectly). In other words, these dress shirts are made to fit you perfectly.

Interestingly, the reason why off-the-rack dress shirts are relatively cheaper is because they have been made for a large audience. If they weren’t, then you wouldn’t have got them so cheaply. So the (designer shirts) precise size pattern somewhat justifies the high cost, doesn’t it?

Another important reason as to why designer brand dress shirts are so costly is the material/fabric used in making them. It’s no surprise that the greater the quality (of fabric), the higher will be its price. So when it comes to designer shirts, you get exactly what you pay for, value for value!

Now the price of fabric varies greatly according to kind, quality and weaves, which is why you get to see dress shirts ranging from $150 to $500. Moreover, top designer brand shirts are made from cotton, synthetic, silk and wool, which happens to be the most expensive one. Now this gives a clearer idea as to why these shirts cost a fortune.

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