Arc Church Builders – Overcoming Fear

Arc church builders have a lot at stake for your faith and future in the Gospel. The Gospel has been brought to us by the Holy Spirit through the instrumentality of the Church. It is held up on a silver plate as the Word of God and passed on through the centuries with the instrumentality of the clergy. It has been perfected and is brought into new environments, new communities and new lives with the power of the Holy Ghost working through the pores of the souls. We know that when the church is built it becomes the temple of the Holy Spirit, for the Holy Ghost dwells in every temple arc church builders .

Now, the stakes are high for the church builders in Alaska. They need to know their competition. They need to know who they are working against and how that competition will work out for them. Here are some thoughts from an architechurist for the church in Anchorage.

“Stakes are high for us because we know that we’re going up against people who aren’t necessarily church goers but are vocal critics and opponents of the church. Some people feel that the growth that our society is experiencing is not reflective of Christianity and our mission. Other people simply see our building plans as symbolic of the past. And while I agree that symbolism can be important in building a building, I also believe that our symbolism should not be taken literally. Our symbolism should teach people about what Jesus taught and the gift of the Holy Spirit which was given so that we may enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

Are you afraid of people opposing you and your church? One of the most powerful forces against building the church is fear. When you’re afraid of the people who might disagree with your mission, you’re bound to fail. I’ve seen this fear destroying prosperous church buildings before the church had even built.

One of the challenges of our time is that many churches have been successful and others have failed. The church builders that were successful are those who put their fear aside and took action regardless of whether they liked it or not. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve lost because of fear. Arc Church Builders is committed to put God first and foremost in all of our endeavors.

If you’ve looked at the failure of the small church, it’s clear that fear has played a big role. While it’s impossible to avoid fear in any area of life, church builders can make building a new church something that people will be willing to do because of its potential value. This isn’t easy but it can be done. If you’re looking to move forward in the future, it’s time to look at Arc Church Builders and your chances of success.

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