Prostatitis – A Remedy

There are different prostate-related diseases that are not exactly known to men. Most of the time, people would know about prostate cancer, but not about the other sickness that their prostate. One in particular, that is very rampant in men but not popularly known is prostatitis. Hence, I will be talking about the prostatitis remedy.

Prostatitis is directly related to the amount of zinc that is present in one’s body. If you have above normal to very high levels of cellular zinc, there is a large possibility that you may develop this kind of disease. Hence, prostatitis can be worsened by supplements that are high in zinc, diet that is rich in this substance, or a life style that promotes or elongates the retention of zinc inside the body.

There are a lot of cases that claim the healing effects of zinc. Most likely, they are misdiagnosed by a practitioner that is not qualified at all, or they did not have prostatitis at the first place. People, who try to avoid their doctors due to fear or laziness, would rather do self-diagnosis. To make it worse, they would even purchase medicines for their prostatitis without prior research.

To diagnose the prostatitis properly is very difficult even for those who are already professional in this field. An effective treatment also comes from a good diagnosis. Therefore, it is best to undergo the strenuous tests, in order to find the correct diagnosis and solutions. The proper diagnosis can also avoid the reason that the symptoms of prostatitis are actually synonymous to symptoms of other prostate-related cases like: proctalgia or the anal and rectal pain, interstitial cystitis, CPPS or chronic pelvic pain syndrome, prostatodynia, and interstitial cystitis.

I have placed a great emphasis on diagnosis in prostatitis remedy because of its value on fighting this prostate protocol reviews disease. Another thing that I would like to highlight is the prevention. As our grandmother would always say, prevention is better than medication. One preventive measure for prostatitis is prostate massage. This is a massage that frees the prostate from the residues of the alkaline substance it houses.

To do this, the prostate can be accessed in the rectum. A few centimetres away from opening or the anus is a bump.
This bump is the sign of prostate’s location. By massaging this spot, the gland can be stimulated and forced to release its contents. One way to massage this is to tap the bump, circularly massaging it, or press it gently. Of course, there is a proper way to massage the prostate, which demands a lot of practice.

The first thing that you could look into is your diet. Prevent foods that are high in zinc. Foods that are high in zinc are nuts, seeds, soybeans, shellfish, organ meats, shellfish, and wheat germ. Drinks that are rich in caffeine are also believed to have an unfavourable adverse. Hence, you may want to avoid drinking coffee, and cola despite its scrumptious taste.

Another way to battle prostatitis is to increase your dose of copper as this is an anti-inflammatory agent, and it is a zinc antagonist. You may take copper supplements or foods that are high in copper like summer squash, asparagus, whole grain cereal and bread. This will affect your body by decreasing the amount of zinc inside you, which also allows your body to cope with prostatitis.

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