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When most folks refer to a “second” or “high school” degree, they usually mean a four-year bachelor’s degree. But there are several different levels of college degrees, and there are both pros and cons to every one. The trick is figuring out which one suits you best. If you are interested in going to college to earn an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree then here is a quick breakdown of the different types of higher education degrees that are available.

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An Associate’s degree is the first step between a high school diploma and a professional level of employment with a certificate, diploma, or degree. These types of degrees typically take two years to complete. You will need basic math skills, good English skills, good social skills, good leadership skills, and good analytical skills. You will also need to be a good writer, understand the basic concepts of composition, and have some creativity. Often, these types of degrees require that you have worked in a professional capacity in addition to completing the course

An Associate’s degree can lead to a Bachelor’s degree. It may take two years to complete this type of program, but you will have completed all of the general education requirements. These programs are great if you are seeking to get into a technical or trade school. You will need some specific math skills and have a basic knowledge of interpersonal communication. If you choose to major in this field, you should be prepared for difficult assignments and the occasional test.

A Bachelor’s degree is usually a two-year program that takes four years to complete. This program takes longer than the Associate’s program, because it requires more coursework and will include more courses in the core business aspects of management. This is usually what people go into when they have a desire to advance their careers to management level positions. Most times Bachelor’s programs are not requiring a specialized major, but you should be prepared for a hard course work and coursework. Many times your coursework will lead you to a specialization. It is recommended that you major in a liberal arts area of study such as English, history, or psychology, just to name a few areas.

Master’s degrees are generally awarded after you have earned your Bachelor’s degree. A Master’s degree typically takes three years or more to complete. A Master’s degree requires specialized coursework, such as courses in finance or counseling. Your Master’s degree does not usually require that you take specializations. However, you should be prepared for coursework that will allow you to specialize in certain areas of management.

Your Ph.D. degree is a one-year degree program. This degree is a Doctor of Education (EdD) degree. In order to get this degree, you must first complete all the general education courses required to enter a degree program at an accredited university or college. The Ph.D. requires additional four years of graduate-level research.

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